Wtb: Cheap hdd ide/sata

HDD went out on my comp and im looking to buy a very cheap HDD IDE/sata for my computer doesnt matter the size needs to be in good working condition and if you can install like win 95/98 on there it would be a plus but not necessary.

How much are you looking to spend around and roughly how much space?
There’s a microcenter somewhat near where I live.



Hope that helps finding you a price to compare to.

some old school 20-60gb would be good again i dont want something thats gonna cost more like 45-50 because a new oem HDD 640gb off new egg is 89.99 shipped and it wouldnt make much sense to get anything smaller for the same price but im just looking for a temp solution so anything like 25-45$ shipped would be nice but i could go a little bit further but would not really want to…

I have a 20/30 gig IDE drive (got to check) and a 60 one as well. I forget the brands and I’ll check when I get home but I think the 60 is a maxtor. I don’t have any OS on it and it’ll be wiped clean if you get it since they’re only used for extra space.

Pm me if you’re interested.