WTB cheap newbie stick (360)


I’m pretty bad at fighting games, and I don’t think a stick will make me any better, but I wouldn’t be a good American if I didn’t try to throw money at my problems instead of hard work.

So! Sell me your old stick that you don’t need since you’ve upgraded, and modded, and obsessed over a new one. My #1 alternative at the moment would probably be a used Hori on eBay, or the WWE Brawl Stick ($40 new), because those options look to be the cheapest. I picked up SF4 on sale for less than $10, so I’d like to try to get away for $50-60 on hardware. Message me with details if you can help out!

  • have a Hori Stick i could sell to you for 30$






Buy a WWE All Stars Brawl stick if you want the cheapest good option. If you’re willing to go up to $70, then you can get one with sanwa parts.