Wtb: cheap ps3 pcb/joystick (sanwa, hori, madcatz, cthulhu)

which ever is fine just not a sixaxis, im not looking to spend too much on it cuz im putting a stick together for a buddy of mine who isnt fortunate enough to be able to afford an arcade stick between his bills and such so im being a good friend and trying to put together a good budget stick, i have 2 empty shells to choose from for it and i think i have enough random buttons, so i’m looking for a cheap joystick and a cheap pcb, i really dont wanna break the wallet since its not for me

thanks for any replies

I have the PCB and stock joystick from a hori FS3 for sale in my thread:

If you want to buy both, I can do $25 shipped.

hey kid just to let you know cutwest just posted up a pcb thats for 14.95 i believe for the ps3 heres the link homie