WTB: Chrome JLF Shaft Cover

Haven’t seen any of these anywhere, and I missed out on those 7 Eleven aluminum straws when they came out :shake:

Willing to pay a reasonable price for them. I’m also looking for a white dustwasher, and some custom stickers / decals.

Thanks much.

A felt bottom? That sounds really nifty, but is the entire dust washer made out of some other material instead of plastic? I’m not looking for anything too fancy, just really clean and simple.

Also, I’m really specific on the color. The white has to be similar to the joystick ball top (like this) and the shaft cover should be somewhat identical to the stock chrome look on the metal shaft.

Please let me know if you do get that chrome powdered coating. I’d love to see how it looks!

The dust cover is made out of metal you can powder coat plastic the paint powder is electrically charged and it sticks to the surface and is then baked chrome is chrome the diffrence being if you do a single stage powder coating the clarity is reduced and it not a complete mirror finish to get full chrome or mirror you have to use a powder clear

as for white I will have to check to see how close it is to the sanwa white

I’ll pass on the dust cover, but please let me know how the shaft cover is coming along.

a chrome jlf shaft cover would be pimp! XD

My old henny shaft cover


@Jamesepoop: does that mean you have some chrome shaft covers? prays

I’m not sure I understand. What is the point of a chrome shaft cover if you want the metal shaft look then just don’t use a shaft cover…

sorry i don’t anymore. let me search for some chrome plated material this weekend

Personally, I don’t really understand the point of shaft covers themselves in the firstplace, as one of my old sticks has no shaft cover and instead uses a dust washer with a smaller hole that fits the metal shaft. These new sticks on the other hand have larger dustwashers to compensate for the shaft cover, which is to presumably cover the interior of the joystick to prevent dust from entering (as well as keeping it fairly well lubricated so it works and operates smoothly).

So yes, having a chrome shaft on top of a metal shaft seems redundant, but since it’s become a purely cosmetic fetish (on my part) I would like it to match the overall color scheme of the stick according to my own tastes.

Merely taking off the shaft cover would be no problem, if it weren’t for the gaping hole between the dustwasher and metal shaft.

IN that case, take a look at getting custom dust washers that are meant for no shaft cover? That’s most likely easier.

They have that? I’ll go take a look around, thanks for the tip.

search for tek innovations. he has them

I’ve got a mirror dust washer with bevelled edges if that’s any good?

I’m jealous! ^^

@UNW4NT3D That’s pretty awesome but I just want a generic dust washer. Thanks though!


Still looking!

Might i suggest just painting one? It wont be real chrome but it’ll probably be the best way to go just for a shaft cover. I know theres some chrome spray paint out there you can get for about $5. You just need to be patient and buff it to get a nice finish.


I’m looking for a heavy-feeling all chrome or metal ball top. Do you know where I can get one like this:

For a JLF stick…


That looks a lot like one of numbski’s tops, assuming you mean the ball in the photo and not the bat. They’re made of glass and will be extremely hard to get hold of since he doesn’t make them anymore and made a small amount of them when he did make them. He did say a short while ago that he might be up for making more but don’t expect them to cost any less than $50