WTB: Chun-li TE PS3


I am looking for a PS3 chun-li TE stick in very good condition, if anyone has one to sell pm me your price!


for what system, and how much u willing to pay?


For PS3, probably 200-250


I got one for ps3 brand new, never opened. i’ll sell for 260 shipped.

pm me if you’re interested.


Actually I just saw someone posted about new chun li te only goes from 130-190? Not sure if thats the case but if it is I might not want to fork out 250~~


It goes over $250. Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Fight Stick Xbox 360 Chun Li NEW: http://bit.ly/QqXdLl


oh ok makes sense, thanks


if you want i’ll do 240 shipped. let me know


I actually acquired a multi-modded Chun stick for $210 shipped. Just got it today and it looks absolutely beautiful. Happened to get lucky with the Fight Stick PRO (red one) on ebay for retail price as well back then. Sometimes, you get lucky. Who knows, TC might find one for around that price floating around here or ebay somewhere! GL to gigabyte though.