Wtb: Chun Li TEs art work

I have a Chun Li TEs and it doesn’t have the original art, I’m looking to hopefully change it back to stock condition.

Can anyone help me out?

do you care if its xbox or ps?

no, its multi-modded so it doesn’t really matter

the box is from the 360 but i’m not gonna be picky here

I’ve been able to successfully reproduce a handful of arcade panels. Here’s some of my recreated work:

I can do a commission for you. I’m confident that I could do a good job recreating the Chun-Li TE artwork. It won’t be holographic and shiny like the original though.

I’ll let you know, I really want the actual art but if all else fails I will contact you.

@djb1ge how much do you think it would run me for you to commission the art? If I get it commissioned I want it to be set for full panel since that’s the plexiglass I have on it now. Just let me know

It’ll be $20. I can do it. I already made one, though it’s a bit too blurry for my taste. I’m gonna see if I can get a better quality image of her Super art. Nonetheless, here’s a preview:

Again, I’m gonna try to find an image with better quality, unless you’re okay with this.

Wow that’s actually really close to the original.

Glad you like it. I did another take on it, using the most high-res version of that image I could find and a sharpen effect. I think it’ll print okay.

Full Panel repro

100% zoom-in.

Again, if it’s too fuzzy, I understand, but if you like it, send me a payment on Paypal and I’ll send over the full-sized file. (email: bigescustoms@gmail.com)