WTB - Clear Green Seimitsu PSKN-30s, Green Bubbletop, PS2 Games


Hi everyone, I’m looking for a few things so I figured I would drop a list on here and see if anyone might have some of the oddities im looking for.

Arcade Parts:
Clear Green Seimitsu Bubbletop
8x Clear Green Seimitsu PSKN-30s (The screw in skeletons)

PS2 Games: (Only want complete and in excellent overall condition)
King of Fighters 2000 n 2001
King of Fighters 2002 n 2003
King of Fighters Orocho Saga
Soul Calibur 3 (Non GH)
Fullmetal Alchemist 2


Damn, I have those buttons too, but I can’t sell here for some reason…