WTB: Comic Con or Femme Fatale Stick

Either console works. Let me know what you’d want to them sell for. I live in Michigan and have a Chun Li TE for the 360 available to trade too.

if u just want a want te there also is the blazblue te for 360 is white for ps3 its black

I have a PS3 SDCC stick. Not sure I’d like to part with it unless I get PAID. How much you want to spend?

What condition is it in?


I have a PS3 Femme Fatale Stick I am willing to part with. Just PM me if you are interested. It is in lightly used condition. There is probably less than 10 hours of playtime on the stick.

Got a Femme. Just need a Comic Con stick now…

i have a never used comicon stick. with a custom ryu sketched on… pm me your number and ill mms you a pic

I responded to the people who said they have a comic con but never get a response back. Anyone seriously interested in selling theirs?