WTB/ Converters/Adapters


Hey Does anyone have any of these that are willing to part with at reasonable prices. Would like Total Control Plus, InPin, Or Pelican, Cause I know they work but If there are anymore that work too let me know. Thank You.

PS2 to Dreamcast

PS2 to PS3/ Already Bought Two from DevilsFang

Update/ Now I’m just looking for PS2 to Dreamcast Adapters, Thanks Everyone.


I have PS to Xbox if you’re interested.


I have a Pelican adapter for Ps2 > Ps3 - $60 + shipping via USPS w/Delivery confirmation. Pm me if interested.


Just buy a Mayflash 3 Pro.

100% lagfree and like $15.00 brand new from Playasia.


I don’t need one but thanks for the offer.

I said reasonable. This were $15 when they first came out and people are trying to sell them at that price. No I’m good. Gamestop has them for $3 used. I got some amd I just wanted to get more for my friends.

All I could find is he Super Joy Box 3 Pro by Mayflash, Is that the same thing. WIll it work with PSX DS and 7.5v SF 15th Annivearsery Stick. Thanks for the Heads up.


I have two “REAL” PS2->PS3 converters, I used them for some testing, then put them back in the packages. I’ll sell the pair for $30 shipped.



Update/ Got two From DevilsFang


Come On, no PS2 to Dreamcast Adapters. Someone has to have some for sale.




Yes I have seen them. I wanna buy used ones cause it will be cheaper. For these I’m looking to spend $30 shipped for 2 of them.


PS2-DC Convertors

I have 2 PS2-DC Convertors For Sale
*A Total Control Plus/EMS
*A Innovation one as well

They both have slots for the VMU and the Innovation has a slot for a Keyboard as well
They have been tested recently and I have pics I can send as well
I am willing to let them go for $30 Each