WTB: Corded xbox 360 PCB prewired

I’m hella lazy, so I’m looking for a NICELY done pre-wired 360 pcb. Doesn’t neccessarily have to have the .110 QD’s but it’d be nice. Let me know how much you’d want it for, I need it to put in my box for SFIV!

I’d also be interested in one. Any takers?


PM’ed both of you.

Hi everyone,

I actually sell these over in the Tech Talk forums. Anyone who is interested and has questions, shoot me a pm, although you should find answers in my thread.

Sweet. Thanks.

I have a pre-wired Microsoft original pad, all inputs including triggers are ready for use with quick disconnects (.110 for buttons, .187 for the stick).

How much? By original you mean the regular 360 pcb right?

also interested if you got some

By original I simply mean that it isn’t a third-party product, but Microsoft’s own wired pad. This also means that it does not share a common ground and thus cannot be connected to a joystick through a 5-pin connector. I will be including a set of Sanwa microswitches to convert your JLF-TP-8 into a JLF-TM-8. If you intend to use a Seimitsu joystick you will need the non -01 version. All inputs are wired with Sanwa quick disconnects and plastic sleeves, .110" for the buttons and .187" for D-pad.

I’m thinking $30 USD plus shipping ($6 USD for standard world-wide delivery) sounds fair. As this is your thread you’ll have first refusal, then KN1VES.

I will defer to Knives on this one, but can you make more next week? (after payday, hahaha)

Parts alone would cost more than I am asking for this PCB, so no.