WTB: cps1 ->cps2 adapter, FS: MvC2 Naomi cart

need a cps1 (female) to cps2 (male) adapter to play cps2 games on cps1 wired cab. I know you can make them yourself, but between the cost of crimp tools, having to find the right parts etc, I’d rather just buy one if someone has.

Also have a MvC2 Naomi cart, if anyone is interested,

Price Drop: $200 shipped in ConUS

bump- really need that adapter if anyone has one… all the places that used to sell them are out :confused: In case nobody else has one, anyone happen to have a barrel pin crimp tool and/or know the part numbers needed (i.e. male cps1 & female cps2 housing/pins)

Have you considered making DIY detachable cps1/2 harnesses, say with db9 connectors?

I could, but it seems like unnecessary work. I have another cab that is my main cab for all the different setups I need, I’m only planning on putting a cps1 and 2 games in this one. I’d rather just get the pre-made cps1->cps2 adapter that already exists out there or make one myself. But yeah, I do know I could use some kind of intermediate connector, and I’d probably go with that if I was going to be swapping lots of different kick harness systems in there a lot.

Thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

bump- nobody has one :frowning:

price drop on MvC2 naomi cart, and still looking for adapter…giving…up…hope…

If I made one, how much would it drop the mahvel cart?