WTB CPS2 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Board/S



I am in the market for a Super Turbo PCB
Preferably A+B boards but if only B is available i’ll take it.

Not concerned about the condition to much (assuming it’s not snapped in half outright or 90% of the traces are lifted/burned off) and i don’t need the battery to still be live.

It’s a project using the Desuicide method recently released.


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I have one with a pcb and cable


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sigh If you’re located in the United States then I have a damaged 360 version of the Atrox (i.e. hole for USB A rather than proprietary connector) that we, depending on your tolerance for damage, might be able to work something out for.


Sure I’m very interested.

I am US based as well.


Purchased, will update the thread soon.