WTB: CPS2 Super Street Fighter II Turbo

I am looking to pickup a CPS2 SSF2T, can be US/JAPAN.

Don’t care if you have an A board or not but if you do i would take one.

I know this is a long shot but i figured i would give it a try.

Have you tried looking online for a CPS-2 B Board for this title?

Your best shot is probably through an Asian intermediary like Akihabarashop or one of the guys on SRK that regularly travels to Japan and Southeast Asia. I know that in the past NCS sometimes got PCB boards on request and might still be able to get you a decent deal on one.

Trying e-Bay or looking around on Google for a Super SFII Turbo is another option, too.

Most of the US game traders that specialize in these boards will overcharge them for what they’re worth unless they’re selling the ultra-rare PCB for the US test of Nightwarriors: Darkstalker’s Revenge. Some collector probably has that already…

There hasn’t been a CPS2 Super Turbo board on Ebay for some time now. I check everyday. When they do come up they sell for well over $200 and sometimes $300. Not many people are willing to part with these things. Only way to really get one now is to have a connection with someone in Japan. I hear they are not so hard to find in Japan if you know where to look.
Anyway Good Luck! If you get really desperate I have an extra one I might be willing to sell, but it won’t come cheap.

Basically this.

I agree with Steve Tren on this. If you check YJA (Yahoo Japan Auctions) they come up often. Just input this into the search ??? X.

I see them go up on Neo geo forums like once every 2 months and they usually sell for 175 to 250 but they sell fast as hell so you have to watch the boards everyday.

Yep, every couple months one pops up on neo-geo but they sell instantly. I’m never lucky enough to nab one.

just get it from coinopexpress.com. its the quickest way to get one asap.

i have a question for you guys. marvel vs capcom, xmen vs streef fighter, VS etc etc… are all common as hell boards and they are also rather cheap. no one really cares about them. i have access to a bunch of these and was considering turning them into phonixed versions of ST to sell. to turn a game into a phoenix version, you have to reprogram the roms, and it can be done to any CPS2 game with minor modification. in other words, a phoenixed ST board, and a reprogrammed Xmen vs SF turned into phoenix ST would be physically the same thing.

is this unethical? most forums are against conversions, but if a game has already died, and no one gives a shit about it, why is it wrong to turn into somethnig that people want? imho, phoenix versions are bootlegs anyway. its not the orignal game as its been reprogrammed. yet its accepted as long as its done to the original board. in other words…its ok because the sticker on the case matches. the game can always be turned back too so whats the big deal.

mind you this would be comming from a local arcade supplier who is about to throw his stock of useless and non profitable cps2 games in the garbage. they are sitting on a shelf collecting dust, and half of them dont even work(suicided). non of them are super turbo, i already checked. its all VS games.


You can’t convert those to an ST board. Cps2 ST boards are different than your typical cps2 boards and have yet to be bootlegged. Which is why they command real money. You can however convert them to Hyper AE boards, which has the ST characters (there are already a ton of AE boots on the market). It’s not as easy as swapping roms it take some soldering work along with other mod things. We aren’t really allowed to be talking about it on SRK so thats all I’m gonna say. Yes its unethical and selling boots is not legal.

I have a copy, Its the Japanese version. Super Street fighter 2: Grand Master Challenge X. I’m currently in the process of getting the cart phoenix so the battery won’t need to be changed ever again. I might sell it if I decided to buy another arcade cab. But This is one of my favorite games of all time.

I wouldn’t phoenix it. Just change the battery, It will last for 10 more years. Collectors like the non modded versions better and pay more for them.