WTB: Cthulu board. MC or regular ASAP!

If you have an extra Cthulu board from Toodles that you are not using right now, please contact me ASAP. I just got a 360 TE, but I play more on PSN. Please help. Also need an Imp board.

toodles is pretty quick, did you ask him?

Dude just order from toodles himself.


Toodles isn’t taking anymore orders until May 15th.


Found one. Thanks Truckasaurus

Hey bro,

share the love? do you know where I can get one?

I’m also looking for 1 assembled cthulhu if anyone has a spare, shoot me a PM!

This was just one I bought a couple months back that I wasn’t really using anymore, I’m just using inpin converters I got from Laugh on PSone PCB’s I got from AK to play on PS3. Best bet is to probably wait til toodles gets up and running again on May 15th. Sorry denze, wish I had more :xeye:

modchipman.com says he’s restocking Cthulhu boards next week and that preordering is strongly suggested. Lizardlick should be reopening next week also, I dunno if they’ll be readily equipped with cthulhu though. Any word from gamingnow.net? I was just checking out his site and I didn’t have a problem adding an IMP and Cthulhu board to my shopping cart, maybe you should PM or e-mail him to verify if he has cthuhlu or imps in stock

gamingnow.net dont have them instock, you can add the item to your cart but it will turn to “out of stock” once you process to checkout

Cool, thanks for confirming that. Looks like we’re all waiting for May 15th then, unless modchipman/lizardlick get restocked sooner than that