WTB: Custom 360 Stick, Specs Inside

Since SFAC is on the 360 now, DOA4 is fun, and XBLA kicks ass, I might as well get another stick. I’m not too knowledgeable on what part names or dissimilaraties, so I’ll describe what Im looking for to the best of my ability. What I’m mainly interested in is:

-Small scale and portable
-Simple design, no crazy art
-Well built/durable/comfy
-Accurate “tight” stick. I was playing with some dudes Hori RAP at NYCLAN, and the stick barely moved and was hellishly accurate. My current PS2 stick is a competition stick with cherry switches, and I remember getting tired of it eventually. I know theres much better sticks out there, but I do not know what I should be considering.

In an effort to knock the cost down, I’ll supply the official MS wired 360 controller. Please reply here, AIM, or PM me. Please be established.


interested in a fully sanwa modded doa4 stick? I’d be looking for around 120 shipped for that.

Alternatively, I can get you a wired 360 sanwa custom made by yours truly but I’m looking for about 200-250 for that. The design will be similar to this http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g140/chippermonky/Joysticks/JS4/ except black.



$135 shipped for full sanwa xbox360 if you supply me the pad.


Send me a pm if you’re interested.