WTB Custom American stick w Jap Buttons

Guys I’m in desperate need of a really good custom made stick.

Here is what I’m looking for:

Jap style buttons (6)

American 8 way stick (like the ones you would find on a MAS stick)

Capability to be played on PC (USB) and Dreamcast

Tiny rubber legs on the bottom so it doesn’t slip =P

I’ve been checking ebay for weeks and I figured my best bet would be on here. I’m not cheap and I’m willing to pay well if someone experienced can make me a good stick. I’ll pay you through paypal or however you guys like to do it but someone PLEASE get back to me.

Oh and if possible I don’t really want it to be a huge stick like a MAS. I’d like something around the same size as the stick posted above mine. Just need to get the american stick thrown on =)

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help or anyone that can point me in the right direction.

I think I can help you out.

Heres one that I built for DECOY, it’s wired up for x360.

Is that what your looking for? Hit me up on PM and lay me some details.

I’m already excited as hell =P. I just sent you a PM with details