WTB: Custom arcade stick boxes!

I need 2 custom arcade stick boxes to put my already completely wired ps1 pcbs lol

So i need:

one box with the dimensions of 16" W x 12" D x 4 1/2" H , set up for a happ p360, american button layout. Plexi Top also inc.

and the for the second, another box with dimensions of 16" W x 12" D x 4 1/2" H, set up for a Sanwa JLF, american layout set up for the 30 mm sanwa buttons, and plexi top also.

I was trying to get it done and sent by evo. I would be willing to pay 100 + shipping for both boxes. PAYPAL ONLY!!!

p.s. I live in denver, colorado.


any builder interested?? Dont leave me out in the cold here lol

yea…im on the same boat as you my friend. Its like no got any cases to sell or make atm. :sad:

Just buy an HRAP somewhere to tide you over for a month or so. Then someone will slow down and you can invest in your heirloom arcade stick. The one you’ll display prominently on your coffee table and what not.

Half, you should wait for TMO to re-open orders and get something from him. Seriously, check out his thread and you’ll see what I mean.

Yea, id kill for one of TMO cases.


Do you think he will build to the specs i want??

Yo dude, I’ll make them for you. I need a bit more specific details though…email (HahanoSticks@gmail.com)<—fastest, or pm or post a reply to:

  1. I don’t know the dimensions of a p360 for the screw holes…I’ve only done Sanwa…what’re the screwhole dimensions?

  2. “American layout” would mean a 6 button straight? 8 button straight? Like the SFAC stick layout?

  3. Do you want the boxes painted, and if so what colors?

  4. Sanwa 30mm button holes for both? Do you need the buttons too? (colors)

  5. Where do you want start and select?

  6. I put handles on my boxes…makes shit easy. That aight wichu?

  7. Center the buttons/stick? Higher up, lower, stick and buttons farther apart…closer? etc.

If there is anything else you want done at all, let me know…I build them completely custom and love new, awesome ideas and challenges.

Email sent!