WTB: Custom arcade stick

Since it seems it’s impossible for me to find an arcade stick by using the search function, I’ll post here, basically I’m looking for someone to build me a stick, American style to be exact with Happs P360. Looking to know how much it’ll cost me, I got about 200$ to spend.

Hi Fireboy, I can probably help you out. I’m just starting up a stick building business. PM me or send an email to: hatchet_wound@yahoo.com

do you have a website for your stick building business? ^^^

id like to see some


Sent him a message, no reply back and I’m trying to get a stick as quickly as possible.

i hear finkle’s wait time is over a month
(not trying to flame finkle)

took me 4 months to get mine. it’s a good stick though

nitewalker and koi?
edit or chippermonky? :wink:

what about those doods

you want one that I already have built? p360+comp buttons. http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g140/chippermonky/Joysticks/JS5%20-%20tutorial%20happ%20stick/ I can change the artwork (or lack thereof) if you like. The thing is made out of stained oak and a namco PCB w/ thick steel plate on the back for weight. Whole thing is like 10 pounds (guesstimate) so it won’t move around much. I’ve used it maybe 5 hours over the past half year. There is some hardly noticeable wear on edges but otherwise, it’s more or less brand new.

Currently (not in photo), there is one small green japanese button on the back for start. I can also add a second button for select if you want.

I’m looking for around 150-160 ish shipped (depends on how much shipping is).

PM, IM or email me if interested.
aim: guwath

I dont have a website quite yet. I’m still working on my first 2 prototypes, which is why I havent really been advertising yet…I dont really expect ppl to order from me without seeing examples of my work. That being said I’m expecting the parts for my sticks next week and I should have them finished up within 2 weeks.