WTB Custom Art for my Kaytrim stick

The thread title says it all. I can’t pay much (15 bucks max) but I have the dimensions and the layout of the stick, and the artwork. Anybody who could help would have my thanks… my artist cousin said she’d help and kinda left me (and subsequently, Michael at Kaytrim’s Kustoms) in a lurch.

The deets:
The art area is 10 3/4" x 6 3/4"
The layout is Slagcoins Cluster 36 http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/layout/cluster36.png
with the joystick moved to one of the two measurements just right of the mock-up.

The art:
Reality Kid:

Steampunk Captain:

The idea:
The idea is that the kid will have glowing green LEDs behind the art to make his glasses flicker. I wanted the empty area of peeling wall paper to the right (where the buttons would be) to have a translucent image of the steampunk octopus battle set up so you can still faintly seem the background wall paper. I’m going for a look like this is what the kid is experiencing in the VR goggles.

The case is curly maple dyed military green, like so:


It’s the 2nd to last case from the back, the muted green.

Soooo… that’s the project, any takers? It seemed to specific to post just anywhere so I figured posting it in the trading outlet was where to go.

Oh! I almost forgot: the buttons are clear Seimitsus with art cut outs. I’m also getting the push button LED mods! I dunno if that would factor into any particular artist’s style.

The more info the better I figure! Thanks for looking!

This is what I have so far, is this what you wanted?


No one sells art anymore here.

@Nesk: yes, barring a few small changes thats the idea I had in mind… Great stuff! Contact you tomorrow.

@gl0ry: Thanks for letting me know! I’m just in a rut looking for a photoshopper to quickly combine these images but it looks like I’m being helped! Thanks for letting me know that it’s against the rules, I’m a law abider!

@Nesk: PM sent.

If anyone else would like to take a crack at this mish-mash: be my guest!