WTB Custom Cut Plexi For Stick

Need a plexi cut for a stick if anybody can do this for me let me know. Thanks!


Art is super busy

I have heard some poor things about “custom” work from FoeHammer. Long delays and lack of communication. If the plexi he needs is one of the standard options on their site, it will probably be fine, but I would hesitate if it is anything beyond that.

I would love to know someone who does custom plexi as well. Every place I inquire, even people who do custom work, just send me Art’s website address. Not only is he super busy, it even says on his site in the FAQ’s he doesn’t take custom orders. :confused:

Custom like how?

“Custom” as in not for a mass produced stick. A stick with unique dimensions.

Hit up foehammer

Are you still working on custom plexi and panels B-boy Tekken? I ordered custom panel + plexi from you last year, The stuff scream quality : ).

To OP, you can ask B-boy tekken, if he still produce those.

For what it’s worth, I’ve ordered custom cut things from Ponoko and always had a great experience.

Thanks for the help messaged Foe hammer, no reply yet. messaged BBoy tekken as well hopefully one of them gets back to me. ill try out ponoko though