WTB: Custom Graphic Design


The builder I may be working with does not make custom graphics. I’m looking for someone who can print what I’d like and send it to the builder.

Thanks in advance.


I can do Hi-def pre-laminated prints. I just need dimensions. PM me.


do you have dimensions and the stick layout? also, a description might lure more people in.


The dimensions have not been finalized as I’m still looking for a builder :sad:.

The basic design is a USSR flag with Zangief characters in front. I would provide links to the images, but I’d need some suggestions with possible silhouettes.


lol, that sounds interesting. feel free to provide some source pics asap. nothing gets the mills churning like source material. you can always iron out ideas with the designer later on. who knows, maybe someone’s design with throw you in a different direction too.


The dimensions would be ~8" X 12.5".

The box style will be just like this, although a little larger with a straight 8 button layout: