WTB: Custom Graphic Design

Looking for a custom Zangief design for an arcade stick.

The dimensions will be approximately 8" x 12.5", and the box shape will be like this:


I have a design in mind already that would be a USSR flag with a Zangief character in front and possibly a silhouette in the background.

Please PM me if you’re interested.

See you never gave me the size dawg…I put it on the first page I just ingore without size and/or template.

Sorry man, I’m still learning how to post here…:wink:

I like your designs especially and if you give me your email I can send you the images I had in mind.


I already get porn emails so I don’t care

How’s this look?


That’s really cool actually, beautiful work. I’d be willing to pay you if you could print it out for my builder, or tell me how to do it.

Is it high-res enough for me to print out for the stick?

Well that’s just the preview. I send you the real png for the imag to use on the stick.

Yeah, that will definitely work man. That is a really nice graphic.

Hey tatguy, are you still working on this? Let me know if you can’t do it ASAP as I need to get this rolling before I go on my honeymoon tomorrow.

Thanks a lot buddy.

Oh you do still the psd right? Ok just a few minutes.

edit :

Yeah, I’d like you to send that to my builder too man.

I’d gladly send you some money via paypal too.

I really appreciate it.

That looks great man, can you tell me how to open it now?

lol, sorry…I’m relatively new to this.

Do you have photoshop

No, but I’ll see if my builder has it.

Hey tat guy, my builder is requesting that the figure be moved to the left a little bit, so that buttons don’t overlap the graphic.

I will be out of town for two weeks, but my builder (TMO, http://forums.shoryuken.com/member.php?u=56329) wondered if he could contact you directly if there are any problems.

Again, I would gladly provide you with a fee for your work. I appreciate everything you’ve done so far.

Hey tat guy, no need to move Zangief. I’ll just place the buttons so that they flow with the graphic.

Nice work. The color combo from the buttons to the box should make this stick look pretty cool.

You are the man Tatguy, thank you for your great work!


How much do these custom arts cost? I’m looking for a Zangief one also. Is it alright if you this same art on my stick?

…special offer for thread hijackers…

-make ur own thread

Hey thanks for the neg rep…Anyway, seeing as i wanted the same art, why the need to make another thread…