WTB - custom/modded stick with Sanwa Parts and MC Cthulhu installed

I have no knowledge in building/modding an arcade stick, so I need your guys help haha. I’m looking for stick that has Sanwa parts and has MC Cthulhu installed. I want to use the arcade stick on my Xbox 360 and PS3 primarily, but I also want a rj-45 jack so I could use the stick on older consoles like Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. I don’t mind if the stick is a modded Hori/MadCatz or whatever or if it’s a custom stick built from scratch, just as long as it’s a good stick in the end =D

I’m located in Toronto, Canada…let me know what your price estimates are (and how much shipping will cost) and we’ll go from there. Thanks!

I saw your thread. Here is a triple modded Chun Li TE-S (360/PS3/DC).

I keep it in great condition. After play I like to wipe it with a cloth and put it back in the box. I probably have about 5 hours of play on it. I got it a few weeks ago but I just started law school and quickly learned I have no time for fun unless it involves bars. I’m in Michigan, so maybe shipping would be cheaper than it normally is, but I would need a zip to get an accurate estimate.


If shipping is around $50, how about $350 shipped?

I can’t tell from that picture…is that a rj-45 port on the back of the stick? if so, which console cords do you have (if it has mc cthulhu)?

I sent you a PM.