WTB Custom MVC2

Hey there, I would like to buy a custom MVC2 with music of my choice and some new funky colors to the characters. PLEASE don’t link me ways to do a custom marvel for myself for I am computer illiterate. I can barely work this website :slight_smile:
Whoever can do this for me i will be willing to pay shipping costs and also make there time worth it.

                                          Thanks, Golba

You can’t buy or sell burned games you idiot.

sorry? why so angry about it lol?

only supposed to have one wanted or selling thread open at once as well.

Ouch dude, heh, that was uncalled for, and mean, but its SRK, see sig. Golba don’t take it personally please.

Anyhow, theres a thread on changing sprites, talk to some of the members, I am sure they hook you up.

What I would do personally, buy the game you wish to mod, a retail legit copy. Then technically you can request and get a modified copy. That way everyone wins.

Like me :woot:…

hey, for all you guys know he could already have a legit copy.
hell i thought that was just the assumption on the internet these days.

regardless i suppose it is against forum rules, though i dont think theres anything illegal about modifying a game on your computer, just the resale/redistribution of it :wink:

I have had a legit copy for like 7 years now lol. Thanks for the non- flaming posts though lol.

Parry is a known ass, ignore him.

Honestly, if you already have a self bootable copy, making a custom mix is very easy (if I can do it anyone can).

However, if you have the original DC disk only, i dono what to tell ya besides contact someone locally.