WTB: Custom plexi for Korean Omni


There’s a jp version with jp parts and a Korean version with kor parts. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me a custom plexi so I could use a korean joystick with jp buttons. And more specifically I wanted:

Korean stick hole: 35mm
**Jp buttons: 30mm **(ofc)

If possible, could I get a Seimitsu 2p layout (8 button hori style i guess) for the button side?


^^ something like that but with the joystick hole being big enough to fit korean parts.

I’ve included some more links for reference:



Also I don’t have a computer right now nor many gadgets and I work alot so I apologize if I can’t check as often as I think I should. Thanks in advance.


i would want to buy plexi like that as well


is there a certain plexi maker that i should ask personally?? clearly i’m not the only one after this