WTB Custom plexi for NHTran stick

I tried emailing Art at tek-innovations, with no luck, so I figured I’d reach out and see if anyone else is capable of making a plexi for these sticks.

I have one that came with the stick when I bought it, but it’s a 6 button layout (covering 2 available holes in the stick) and I’d like to get a new one made.

Holla if you can help ~

Hit up foehammer…they have done a couple for me already.

I did, they don’t seem to be familiar with what I’m talking about. I even dropped your name! (your tag here, anyway)

edit* they’re going to look into the order history and see if they can find it. Big ups to FH for taking the time to go through a bunch of paperwork just for a plexi!

I know that http://marvelouscustoms.com/ can help with this. I hit him up about a custom plexi last week.

Cool beans, I shot them an email. Ty for the tip!

Hmmmm they recently made one for me in all white…you can give them my real name Jesse Iturralde if that will help…