WTB Custom plexi for two SxT V.S. Fight sticks connected


Am building a two players custom arcade stick, with the dimensions (more or less) of two SxT V.S. Fight sticks connected.
I was thinking of ordering two of this:

And put them side by side, but then there will be a line in the middle.
So I thought about a plexi with the dimensions of two SxT V.S. Fight sticks connected but instead of two separate plexi’s, just one piece, one big plexi.
I tried emailing tek-innovations, with no luck.
So I figured I ask here if there is someone else that do this.



If you ever come across this let me know, im also interested in doing something like this… worse case scenario that i thought of was get a clear rubber “T” seal strip to put there so there isnt any type of rub or anythin


You should email Art at Tek-innovations.com and ask if he can do a custom for you