WTB : Custom PS2 stick


Changing this now im looking for a custom Japenese PS2 stick, dont want it brand new but dont want in horrid condition. Sanwa stick and buttons preferred. Willing to pay$ 80 - $120 for it.


sending PM bout Blackberry ~


BB on hold.


Were you planning on putting that in your HRAP3 you sold me? :o


Nah. Was gonna put it on my happ.


I don’t feel so bad anymore then, haha. Good luck with your sales!


BB off hold and back on sale…


bump and drop on mdacatz :sad:


I was gonna buy a pad to mod my SE stick pcb cause that shit don’t work on AMD processors but…oh wait


Perhaps I’m missing something, but you could use a Cthulhu for PC o_o. And if you have a 360 SE, even better - get a chimp and you’re gold if you ever need to plug into PS3 :tup:


So no one needs a prewired madcatz? :sad:


Not for 60 bucks.


Well thats what I bought it for.




what layout? 8 or 6 button ? does it matter if its a ps1 pcb?


1.layout dont mattter

  1. as long as I can play it on a PS2, im good.


word i pm’d u some options i have


Alex i might help u there with one…


Oh snap its meus! :lol: Thx alot man but I kinda came with a deal with ibeatu :tup:


Thats cool, Ibeatu cool guy and will give u awesome deal…