WTB: Custom Saturn to everything and PS4 adapter / converter

I’m looking for a custom adapter to be made, so something like the KADE miniConsole which can be programmable but also compatible with PS4 (Xbone isn’t really a priority). I don’t know if I should just wait until better options are available for the PS4. But anyway I’m looking for a custom adapter to be made that will accept Saturn controllers/sticks to be used on everything basically. I don’t know if macros can be programmable for the missing buttons on newer consoles.

So basically small or not too terribly large converter box that will accept two Saturn controllers/sticks in and out will be two DB15 ports and two USBs.

I know something like this will probably cost as much as one custom stick or a retail PS4 stick, but I’d like to continue using my HSS-0130 which I’d prefer not to mod outside of the buttons. Also it’s cheaper this way instead of me shipping the thing to someone to mod. haha

There’s no deadline for this since I’m still on the lookout on updates on the PS4 front.