WTB: Custom SE panels, Stock SFIV SE buttons, SE PCB


Hi hi.

I will buy :

  1. Custom Madcatz SE top metal panels
    • SE = Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Street Fighter IV, Brawlstick
  2. Madcatz SFIV SE stock buttons (white, just need the plunger really)
    • If you do a side by side comparison with these and Sanwa button plungers, the Madcatz SFIV SE ones should bulge out a bit more.
  3. Madcatz SFIV / Brawlstick SE PCB
    • Xbox 360 only.
    • Turbo panel PCB and Headset PCB included preferred
    • Oh and, it’s gotta be in working shape.

Please send PM’s with pictures :slight_smile: Thanks!


Added some new things I’m looking for :3 Please and thank you if you’ve got em.


hi I’ve got a sc5 to panel, never used, i modded the stick, so i got two of the top panels lying around

will post up pics in morning when I’m on the laptop.

I’m from UK so I’m not sure if it well be worth it for you for shipping, but i want £20 for the panel


I should have a white Bezel, let me check but I want $12 shipped for it


20130116_210730 by anzhar, on Flickr


Thanks guys, already set on the TE top panel. I’ll edit the post. And Kaos, if you’ve still got that white bezel, if you could send me a picture that’d be awesome.


All set on the bezel, thanks Kaos :slight_smile:


Also looking to get a few spares of the Madcatz stock joystick harness. :3


Bibidi babidi bump cos looking for stock SFIV SE buttons.


Hey bud did ya get the bezel


Yeah man. I appreciate it. I coulda sworn I left you feedback. I didn’t realize the color was kinda off white cos of age. All good though, I can use Colgate. :wink:


I’ll check I dont remember getting feedback


You just want the plungers? I have stock buttons with one of the microswiches not functioning.


Yup yupyup. How many you got? And if you don’t mind taking a quick picture of em for me please. Just a reminder, I’m looking for white stock Madcatz SFIV SE buttons, not Sanwa.


Sure, I’ll take pictures. Don’t lose hope if this takes me a few days - all of my stuff is at my mom’s house :stuck_out_tongue: And I believe I have eight white ones, unless my memory serves me wrong. It’s a ps3 sf4 SE so perhaps it came with two black buttons? I can’t remember exactly but I’ll take pictures.


No worries. I don’t really need the whole button, so if you’re willing to sell the plungers alone that’d be great. If not, I’ll take em as wholes. Send me a PM whenever you get a pic. Thanks :slight_smile: