WTB: Custom Stick for $400 USD obo

i hope this is ok even though it says not to post for custom sticks, it’s a bit of a unique situation. I posted this before and i took it down because i got someone to make a stick for me. long story short, let’s just say i’m dissatisfied, so i’m posting this again. a lot of stick builders don’t seem to be responding or have long queues. i’m offering this much because i’m hoping i can get:

-a very high quality dual modded stick with a custom button layout
-the builder to start making my stick now.
-my emails to be responded to promptly (within 24 hrs) during the course of the stick building.

the stick specs would be:

-8 button custom layout with 24mm buttons (layout will be provided)
-custom art also which i will provide
-sanwa jlf stick and sanwa buttons
-10x16x2.5 inches (exact same as the TE stick except slightly shorter)
-and as mentioned, dual modded

i’m not sure what wood i want, i hope the builder to give me suggestions. i want a heavy wood though, i like the stick to be heavy. and i prefer darker woods. overall wood quality matters too.

i know someone used to, without much success, make control panels for the TE stick which i would prefer since it would be much cheaper, so if someone could do that, even better, but i don’t think anyone’s doing that.

any takers?

I could do it.

Here is a picture of one of my cases - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=213550

However, the dimensions would be 9.5 x 16 x 2.5 instead.

Also, does it have to be wireless or not and are you paying first and how long do you expect to wait?


He makes sticks normally for that price, his paint jobs are the best and is one of the best stick makers I’ve seen on this site. He’s creative like mad and his services are totally worth your money.

BUT, I don’t think he can get started on your stick right away. He resides in the UK and a lot of the other people have already sent him orders.

EDIT - Well it seems you want a wood finish to the stick rather than a painted finish. He also offers natural wood finishes, take a look at his Chun-Li & Sakura stick and see if you like.

As for art, he makes it himself, but don’t worry it looks crazy nice.

wow this looks great. i’ll def keep that in mind, i’ll see what else pops up, though. thanks so much for the link, man.

There are many ways you can get a stick to your liking. If you want one made from beginning to end made by one person, I would recommend Satek and Luckyday (they are a one two punch of affordability and wiring), or you can go with ecksnine, Voltech, Stevetren, and shadowzero. I know those guys might have long wait times. The other option is to buy a box from one of these guys that is ready to ship, then buy the parts you need from someone like ponyboy or Nareg from gamingnow.net ( <---- recommended cause I purchased from him and he is superfast) and then pay someone like Networkingyuppy or Hakdizzle to wire it all up for you since I see you live in NY. If you take that route you should have the custom stick you want in about 4-6 weeks and for probably less than 400 bucks. Good luck!

Best thing you could do. Pick up a case from Satek up there for about $100, get the parts from Gamingnow for fast turnaround then pm Networkingyuppy, he does quality work if he’s available and willing to hire out right now. Voltech has a couple of darker wood cases available in his thread a few posts down, check those out if Satek’s cases are too light for you.

Satek’s premium boxes are 75 plus shipping and his other boxes are between 25 and 45 bucks (give or take 10 bucks). Kaytrim has a good deal on some boxes that he is trying to clear out too.

PM sent

thanks everybody for the responses. i spent the last two days looking at every page of the check out my stick thread hahaha. in the end i decided to go with b15. looking at the thread though, i think i might get another stick very soon. thanks again everyone, you were all very helpful.

Great choice. Hope the wait isn’t too long. He must have a long line of customers and he’s located in the uk

hahah acutally, he said there’s no wait. he said it shoudl be done in about two weeks!