WTB: Custom Stick for PS2

I know this might seem a bit out of line; against terms etc. but it seems like every custom stick maker/business is either tied up and aren’t taking any more work or they are done with the side job.

I’m looking to buy my first Custom Stick (sanwa) for my Playstation 2. I can do any kind of payment, from a personal check to PayPal. I’m not looking for anything too fancy, but i’ll throw down some ideas while i’m at it:

Color Scheme:
Case: Black
Stick: Sanwa ball-handle BLACK
Buttons: Sanwa BLACK or if possible, CLEAR

Anyways, if anyone is available or willing to do this soon… let me know, thanks.
PS. is there anyway to get the L1/L2 buttons on there?

EDIT I already have someone working on this project, please lock/close/remove thread if possible.

You gotta be a little more specific man. Like materials, and you might wanna mention if you would take a modded stick, with sanwa parts…

Sanwa does not make black or clear buttons, only Seimitsu does

It would be easy enough to put the L2 & R2 buttons on there.

Ah… lol sorry, I really have no idea on sticks. So you say Seimitsu makes them, how are they play-wise? Anyways, like I said, i’m not looking for anything fancy, maybe you can throw down some ideas on what material choices are available?

and for TMO: L1 and R2 should possibly be on the side-top of the box?

PS. Steve F, you’re avatar cracks me up.

seimitsu’s and sanwas’ are both top brands and it basically comes down to preference.

have you determined if you want something like a modded Hori with seimitsu parts or a custom box, ps ds pcb (playstation dualshock printed circuit board), and seimitsu parts?

there’s usually a difference between the two as far as price. since you haven’t said what your budget is, it might be something you should consider.

also, it’s a bit hard to tell from your graphic but are you asking for an american-style button layout (like US streetfighter machines)? if so, that’s most likely going to be a custom box job since hori’s only use japanese style button layouts.

since you want some sort of art on your stick, you probably want lexan/plexi (the plastic layer protecting the art).

keep in mind that most stick builders are not graphics guys. ask the builder if he can do a gouki symbol and how much it will cost. most of the time, you will have to go to the image mishmash section and request custom stick art there (which will take time since everyone is requesting something).

as you can tell, there’s a lot of consideration that goes into a stick, even if it isn’t fancy. imho, your best bet is to go with a pre-modded stick with sanwa/seimitsu parts. they are relatively inexpensive and quick to get (if someone is selling)

if you are going for a full custom stick, make a request with one of the builders (be sure to ask for the dimensions). while you are waiting, go to the image board, request some art (give the artist the stick dimensions, button layout, and specific details of what you want). as soon as the art is done, relay it back to the stick maker so they can have it printed and finish your box.

thanks for your information tech_throw! but read my first post, i just edited it… someone contacted me and we’re working on it right now, although your information gave me knowledge :slight_smile: