WTB custom stick or case from UK seller

Hey everyone,

With the wait for TE sticks geting longer and longer… and longer ( I could go on) in the UK, I have decided to look into alternatives.

I am looking to buy a stick with a sanwa stick and sanwa or seimitsu (is that right lol) buttons. I would prefer it if the stick is not that small since I would rather have the extra surface area and weight. As far as art goes I would prefer to previde my own if possible in PSD format.

I am well aware of the benifit of a custom stick and the fact that it may well be no more expensive or even cheaper than a TE. However the hiccup that is stopping me going ahead with this is the fact that all the stick makers seem to be US based, meaning that import costs will probably make it too expensive for me.

What I am hoping to find is a UK based stick builder so I can avoid the shipping cost.

I am also interested in making my own sticks but my own craft skill are not up to the task of making my own case yet, so I am also interested in abtaining pre made cases without the sticks etc so I can begin making my own.

Having said all that if someone can give me a good deal on shipping costs I would be more than happy to place orders outside of the UK.

At this time my budgit is in the realms of 100 - 150 pounds.

Thanks for your time everyone


I ordered my stick from the US and its costing 160 thats including shipping. I have no idea how bad im going to get attacked by the customs guys but if im lucky im only spending a tenner above the TE stick price. Its not so bad.

Ooooh interesting.

Where did you buy it from if I may ask?

I have not received it yet, its being made, should get it first week april. I purchased through Lazeeya.. I have no handyman skills at all :frowning:

There are a few options available to you:

Get a box made by NETHER as he seems really quick at producing them. That will cost you 90 to your door.

Get your parts from Gremlin Solutions (UK based), total cost should be 40 shipped.

The final part is the PCB. If you think you can do the soldering yourself get a Madcatz wired 360 controller PCB from GAME or Gamestation for about 20. Same can be done with the PS3 madcats contoller (same price).

However if your soldering skill are rubbish get your hands on a Cthulhu ps3 board, no soldering required but cost 30 + shipping. (US based)

If your running through the 360 contact Nareg and he will ship you a wired 360 pcb for (50). (US Based)

At the moment everyone in the US is busy making sticks because of street fighter 4 and it wont slow down till mid april i guess. Once slots open they are pretty much taken immediately.

If you want boxes contact Nether or Lazeeya (closed at the moment), they are very helpful and always keep in touch.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Very much so. Thankyou very much