WTB Custom Xbox 360 Wireless Arcade Stick

Is anyone willing to build me a Custom Arcade Stick with the same features as this one:- http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=151314

I want all the features to be exactly how it is in that thread but I don’t mind if the picture is a different art style. So long as it’s either from the Street Fighter or Virtua Fighter universe then I don’t mind. You could even suprise me with a decal of your choice from either SF or VF series.

I’m also from the UK and seeing as most of the Custom Stick Sellers are from the USA, I was wondering if there is any DIY experts from the UK that are willing to help. If not, how about shipping to the UK? Will you consider it if you are international?

Finally, How much would you charge for such an Arcade Stick?
I’m willing to pay an Hefty Price for a genuine Wireless Stick for the Xbox 360 so please get in contact with me if you are willing to accept such a challenge. :rofl:

I notice that alot of people who offer to make the custom Arcade Sticks can take up to 3 to 4 months but I was hoping to get one within a Month if that is possible. Still if it ain’t possible to make one within that time frame then I understand, and I’d still be interested.

One last thing I want to know is that if you do happen to make a wireless arcade stick for me, you’d have to use parts from an official Xbox 360 Wireless Controller right?.. So that means that not only will I get the comfort of having a fully wireless Arcade Stick at my finger tips, I will also no longer get that annoying problem I have with the Wired Hori Arcade Sticks that I am using at the moment.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me explain. When you turn on your 360 console, The Wired Hori Arcade Stick running through USB will automaticly be registared as Player 1, regardless to whever you actully turned on the machine using the Wireless Controller, Arcade Stick, or pressed the Power Button on the machine. This bugs me when I want to play a game using the wireless controller as I always have to pull out the USB of the Hori Arcade Stick everytime before turning on the machine. Hopefully, a Wireless Arcade Stick will sort this problem out too.

Where can I get in contact with the Custom Arcade Stick seller Laurie who is from the UK?

I was going to repley to your post yesturday but srk went down for maintainence so i went off to sleep.

If you want to find custom stick sellers in the UK you should hit www.neoempire.com

Go to “selling & wanted thread” (must register)

You will find Laurie over there and he does have website but currently in development.

I build sticks too but wont be up & running again till summer becasuse i’m on my last year of uni.

Im pretty sure Laurie will be able help you out.

DH020… are you a UK Stick Builder?

Yes he is, he build mine ! excellent builder and he’s a nice guy :slight_smile:

Yup i am dude but im on break till summer time :wgrin:

thanks dude! :wgrin:

DHo20… Can you please E-Mail me at wonderfulwardy@googlemail.com when you are free to make me a custom stick. Thanks

  • Charlie

Sorry to bump up old topics but I’m still searching for someone to build me a custom made wireless arcade stick, except now I would like to buy one for the PS3 (not the 360).
I don’t mind buying one that has already been built (if it’s responsive enough), or if anyone could help reccommend to me an official product that I can buy which is a wireless PS3 Arcade stick.

I like the look of the new SFIV stick that’s coming out soon, but I don’t think it’s wireless.
Again, I’d pay an hefty sum for one.

  • Charlie

Buy a Hori HRAP and pay someone to mod it with a wireless controller then your done.