WTB: CvS 2 for DC & PS2, SFAC for PS2


WTB: CvS 2 for DC & PS2

Edit: I no longer need these items, thanks!


id like sfac too
but please give final first dibs

good luck with your purchase


Edited: I’m just looking for CvS2 for DC or PS2 now.


Every gamestop or eb games should have that in stock for PS2.


Probably, so if anyone here lives near a place like that, it would be awesome if they could get a copy of CvS2 for me. No chain store in Jax has it.


Hey final, I have SFAC. Non-greatest hits (I actually don’t even know if they have greatest hits version of this). I can also check on those copies of CVS2 for you. How many would you need of each system?



Actually, I already have enough copies or SFAC now, I’m just looking for CvS2. Looking at getting like 2 copies for DC, probably 1 for PS2. Shodokan already emailed me about getting some to me, I’m just waiting to hear back from him, but yeah, that is what I’m looking at.


Just a bump, Still looking for CvS2 DC. thanks.