WTB CvS2 for PS2

As the title says, I am looking for CvS2 for PS2. Looking to spend about 20 shipped but if you have, PM me with your price and we can negotiate :D.


bump :smiley:

Bump before i go to ebay :frowning:

Hate to tell you, but no one here is likely going to sell cvs2 for PS2 for $20 shipped. It goes for around $30 for a used copy without shipping on ebay. Unless you’re looking for disc only, which I’m sure you can find on eBay as well.


Just trying to save you some time.

RockCho: are you fucking serious? I sold mine here for $15, and it took 3 weeks before anybody bought… mind you, this was last year… but still.

Well ebay overprices it a little. For SFAC, people on ebay look for it for over 20 shipped but i bought mine for 20 shipped here and have it seen sold multiple times for that price. And if i wanted to, i could go to EB games or Gamestop and buy their overpriced stuff for 30 w/o shipping. Plus I said im willing to negotiate on price.

But thanks for you help

I will probably wait a lil longer



That’s surprising seeing as how cheap that is.

good luck. i don’t think i’ll sale mine for $20 shipped.

Well, i would like to get it for 20 shipped but i guess most people ignore the end where I said I would be willing to negotiate the price.

So I will pay more, but 20 shipped was what I was hoping for.


BTW, anyone have custom MvC2 mixes they can burn me. Im too lazy to go through the trouble of learning how to do it. Tired of playing to Marvel music :smiley: