WTB: DC Agetec stick

If anyone has a non-functioning agetec stick, and have no other use for it, i’d be happy to take it off your hands.

I’m really just looking for the case. I plan on modding the one ive got, but if i can get a case to practice on/use instead, it’d be nice.

If you have a working one also you’d like to sell, let me know.

i got a few empty cases

looking for an empty also, I am not greedy just one case is all I need…

I might also be interested. Let me know how much these are going for.


PM’d him also, thanks for starting this little thread dav

glad everyone decided to hi-jack it


Yea wasup with the thread hi-jackers these days?

Is there a rule about ‘stealing’ the OP’s deals?? If there isn’t there should be…

Hey, Goldn, you need to clear our your PMs. please send me one when you do and we can discuss your agetec cases

This looks exactly like the thread I made last week. I don’t think anyone hijacked it though. I guess I’m not the only one that thinks Agetec sticks are about 100 times more comfortable to play on than the SE sticks. Plus when you mod it out the VMU slot makes the perfect cord holder.

Goldnz PM’s are full, and he’s not answering

if anyone else has an agetec stick that is defective or just the case for it i’m still very interested in buying.

updated first post, looking also for a working one