WTB DC, PS3, MAS Stick & DC Games

I am interested in purchasing a Dreamcast, MAS Stick (with p360 & Japanese Buttons) & DC Games (particularly fighting games (Mvc2, Cvs2) or any other “cool games.”)

I’m also interested in buying a PS3. Hook me up, nerds.



You’d think a MvC2 top player would already have a Dreamcast and said stick… smh.

My buddy is sellin a ps3 with power cord, no controller

Its a 40gb but we upgraded the hard drive to an 80gb

He wants $140 shipped O.B.O

hahahahahaha!! It’s Mahvel babbbyyyy!!

I stopped playing around 2007-2008. Mvc2 holds a special spot in my heart, so that’s why I want it again.

Kid Kaos: how long has your buddy owned the PS3?

Also random question to whoever can answer: what version of MVC3 do they use in tournaments?


Depends on the tournament, but they use PS3 for Evolution.

Also - I can vouch for Kid Kaos, as I’ve purchased from him before, if that means anything.

I’m selling a Mass stick that works on DC/PSX/PS2 on my post with P360 but not japanese buttons.


Interested in purchasing PS3. Should I PM you??

There are two types of American buttons. The hard-ass ones that come standard with mas sticks and the soft american ones (the ones that don’t take a lot of effort to press). Which ones do you have? If you have the soft ones that could work, as it would remind of the cab at SHGL.

-Young Notter

That’s not a button difference - that’s a switch difference. If they’re cherry switches, they’re the hard ones. I forget the brand name of hte good ones.

I will check.Do you mean by Concave/Convex buttons or E-Switch/Cherry Microswitches?

I hate to sound ignorant (but I am), I have no idea what any of this means. From what lunch_hotdogs is saying, it’s the switches? The only way I could tell is how the buttons protrude from the actual stick (i.e. the distance from the stick and the top of the button). The longer buttons (as I have called them) protrude about 2x to 3x the distance that the other, and more preferable, buttons do. The more preferable buttons are similar to japanese buttons in how far they protrude from the stick. I’m unsure if any of this is helping, but I don’t know the technical terms for what I am describing.

-Uninformed Potter

I hope this can help you for now until I get home and let you know for sure. Thanks. http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/attributes_brands.html

BRazil, if you open the box up, you’ll see the switch. If the switch on the button says “cherry”, those are the hard ones, like what they have in the default MAS sticks. The ones they had at Chinatown Fair, for example, are the softer ones. IDK where you can get those

are you looking for domestic or import DC games?

The buttons it’s Convex like Seimitsu/Sanwa the microswitch it’s Cherry.



OH I just remembered something awesome! Something they did at Chinatown (I think) to make the hard buttons a LOT softer.

Take the switch off, take the button out, open it up and remove the spring. That’s it… Just get the spring out of there, and make the switch lift the button back up for you.

I just tried removing the spring on my Happ buttons and it does make a noticeable difference. Good stuff!

Also respect your elders, someone send this dood a Marvel disc.

I pm’d u about the ps3

I can remove the springs if you want.

You still looking for MvC2?