WTB: DC things /// WTS/WTT: Splinter cell, DS lite, Modded SE

I am looking for a power cord, AV cables, and 2 controllers for a dreamcast. If you have them just pm me and we can come to a reasonable deal.
Edit: I forgot, I kind of need a memory unit. Sorry but yeah.

-Splinter Cell Conviction (360) mint condition, used once-$25 shipped. If you want, I’ll give you that with Tony Hawks Proving Ground for $30 shipped.
-Sanwa Modded Madcatz SE (360) Used for two months until I got a TE [name your price] I still have the box and original packaging.
-DS Lite (65 shipped)

WTT: -Splinter Cell Conviction and Tony Hawk for all those Dreamcast things I mentioned at the top
-DS Lite for Agetec or a Joytron Paewang Revolution.


PM sent.

Forgot to add the memory card to there.

Did you put a JLF in the SE also or just buttons?

pm’d for trade proposal =)

what color is the ds if you have the color

Hi Smash i have all those things u looking for. Will trade ur games for cables and controllers.

Also will trade My agetec for ur dsl console. All this trade in one shot.