WTB Decent 360 stick locally(SVGL)

Looking for a Hrap-EX or TE, or even something just modded to work on 360. No tiny little FS3/EX2 nonsense.

Must fit JLF, or be a happ stick.

Under $150, preferably under $120, but beggars can’t be choosers. Looking for local so I can play again soon, since I have 5 days off.

Play and trade is my last resort =/ They are overpriced =/

Also have two common ground pcb’s floating around with no tails, since i was hooking them to a switch at one point in time. PS3 (NW), but can be fixed with some soldering that I don’t trust myself to do and a 360 one that just needs to get one of the wires soldered back on cause it wasnt reinforced with glue when i bought it

check out this seller he is selling His EX 360 fully modded for 120 shipped.


That saturn 2 player stick is mine lol.