WTB: Decent PS3 stick for cheap


My friend wants to get a ps3 stick so he can play kof the right way. Hes just learning stick so he doesnt need anything fancy. Plus i can always mod it for him in the future.
I was gonna snatch up a fs3 in almost new condition locally for $25 but it sold to quickly.
Let me know what you guys have.


Personally I’d tell him to just get a TE. He can always resell it when he’s done. Learning on a POS controller is not fun AT ALL. I started getting into fighting games in 2006 (see join date), but I was playing on a T5 stock. I got so tired of learning on a shit-stick that I quit for a year before coming back to the fighting game scene and getting an all Sanwa stick.

It just makes learning that much better if you’re using quality parts.


I have A T.E. Stick i dont use anymore (ps3)…


what about a hori fs3 50$


Hey AJ, that FS3 I have is used but I barely used it, prob a total of 48 hrs used. Its been collecting dust in the box i got it from for about 3-4 months.

Instead of having you mod/hook it up for me I think I’ll trade you it for some arcade parts. I’m looking for 1 Sanwa JLF Square Gate, and 6 Dark Hai Sanwa Buttons + one Black Sanwa Meshball (buttons + meshball go for about $35 bucks on gamingnow.net shipped). PM me if interested.