WTB: DIY blank case, or 360 Hori Ex2


Either would be fine really. Please PM me if you have either for sale.



I’ve bought a buncha stuff from MCM; they’re awesome.


so shaaaaamelesssssssss



I have a hori ex2(soul calibur 4) available for the 360. Pm me if you’re interested.


how nice does it have to be? :slight_smile:


lol it has to be fairly nice.

Looks like they only have a 4 button box. Do they have any 3 button boxes?


I have some converted backgammon boxes if you are interested. I have acrylic on top.
So far I have one with 30 mm holes on top and side holes for Happ buttons.
PM me if interested in just a box and acrylic and we can talk details.

I have about 4 other cases that are just waiting to be drilled and turned into an arcade stick.


Me 2…



i have an old ex2 case painted black. would need work to mount a stick and the top buttons are missing. needs 3 bottom screws as well. looks good tho if you can manage the rest. $30 shipped? i got pics if you’re interested.


I thought that was sold to ME?


It is. That was an older post.


Heh, sry -_-


My heart just broke. As perfect a case as they may be, I could never drill into a backgammon board.