WTB: Dream Connection 2 PS2/DC converter

It’s a shot in the dark, but if anyone has one lying around I’d like to have it. Looking to spend no more than $30 on it though.

Why a Dream Connection 2? I have a MAS stick and I hear that the Total Control Plus does not work with it. So unless someone can prove that wrong, I’m on a mission :sweat:

Please PM me if you got one!

I had a standard MAS that worked fine w/ Total Control Plus, if that helps you any. The Plus has a switch that lets you pick the button config of the triggers.

Thanks Ghaleon! The concern I had after searching for the last few days was, apparently the newer MAS sticks had an issue with the Total Control in particular… And mine is literally brand new.

I might grab one just to check it out, but I’m still looking out for a dream connection 2.