WTB Dreamcast Card, and Xbox360

Hey I need a Dreamcast card with MvC2 unlocks, and whatever else. Also Looking to buy an Xbox360, let me know what you want to let it go for. Living in Pennsylvania. Thanks

What are you willing to pay for the DC card? I’m assuming you mean VMU. I can probably hook you up.

sup? where in PA are you?

anyway, I have an extra VMU with MvC2 saves, 3S, CvS2, and Super Turbo.

$8 shipped?

Hello, there, hey if you want to buy a xbox360, buy a new one from Game Stop or Best Buy, the xbox 360 suffer from System Failure very often, so it would be a good idea to put some kind of warranty on it. you dont want to buy an xbox360 from some body and have the Red Ring of Death the next day, right? take my advice on this one, and good look.

Thank you Etotheng. I will take your advice, I never thought of it that way. Plus my wifey works at BestBuy. Maybe she can rock out a DISCOUNT!

thats old news they hardly ever do that now. i played mine for 6hours straight and nothing went wrong.

The elite ones, are good, eventhough mine died like 3 weeks ago, when i downloaded Poker Smash. so i still thinking, is not a good idea buying an used xbox 360.

This isn’t “old news” as consoles still released STILL have RROD problems. Please don’t make something up, and think things through, if he got a used one it may very well be from your so called “old news” era.