WTB: Dreamcast+games

I want a dreamcast with power cables and a/v cables + some controllers.
some of the games i want are:

crazy taxi(o.O dont hate)
sf3 3rd strike
mvc2(possibly not quite sure)
power stone games

there are alot more that i want i just cant remember the names lol… im not looking to spend alot of money on the dreamcast… so nothing crazy.



I have all those games but I need to double check on crazy taxi. I have virtually every game that got a good review.

im looking to spend alot less than that… also i want real copies of the games

I have two controllers and some dreamcast games that I’m gonna put up on eBay soon. See if anything interest you:

Genuine Dreamcast Controller WHITE fully functional with Performance Rumble Pack- USD$15
Genuine Dreamcast Controller TRANSPARENT BLUE, insensitive D-pad (could be an easy fix), with Rumble Pack - USD$10

Zombie Revenge
Blue Stinger
Sega Smash Pack Vol 1
Test Drive Le Mans
Phantasy Star Online

No console for sale though…

how much for pso?

PSO is honestly a useless thing, before you make a purchase I’d hope you know that the servers have been down for years and years… Great game in the past though.

i thought u could play it lan still? cuz me and my friend used to play that shit all the time… also cant u play it single player?

I have a dreamcast with 1 controller and mint 3rd strike and Alpha 3 all cables including s-video. 70 shipped.

There is offline mode if I remember correctly

I’d like it to go $5 + shipping

Interested in nothing else? 'cos I plan to put the rest on the Bay tonight

yeah there is single player, from what i understand you can still play it online from a private server if you have a broadband connector on your dreamcast (they came with 56k). here is a private server there may be others im not sure. ive never played it before. im just getting back into dreamcast stuff (alot of good games). you can get dreamcasts pretty cheap off craigslist if you live in a big enough city that uses craigslist. just keep checking because some people will list it with a crazy high price and then some will have the system for cheap. if you have some other games you dont want you can trade them in at goozex.com and get dreamcast games. ive been getting alot of dreamcasts games from goozex at really good deals.

I have a Dreamcast with two Sega brand controllers (one new in the box), one VMU, AV and power cables, and six games, for $40 plus shipping. Here are the games:

  1. Confidential Mission
  2. Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1
  3. Star Wars Episode I: Racer
  4. Tennis 2K2
  5. Aerowings 2: Airstrike (disc and rear case insert in non-original jewel case)
  6. NFL Blitz 2000 (disc only)

lol didnt you post that on shrump.com or something like that?

lol the pads yes. Didnt post my games there though

found one n CL for $5 + hella games… please close this thread
thanks anyways guys

I got a perfect condition Dreamcast with 2 SEGA controllers and 1 VMU and Powerstone. Pm me an offer