WTB: Dreamcast Memory Card ASAP


I need a memory card for DC. I will pay $4-5 shipped to So Cal. I need my marvel fix and leaving the DC on is not good!


I Think I have one for sale, Let me check first

Edit: Does the $20 - $25 include shipping?


Thanks, now I need a memory card. $4 shipped anyone?


i’ve got a 4 in 1 memory card for dc, official dreamcast that I’ll offer for 22 shipped. I have to find it though…if you’re interested. I also have a save file for mvc2.


If I would have know you needed a Memory Card I would have added it with the Dreamcast, I have like 3 that I don’t use Plus with a MvC2 Game save with all unlocked. :lol:




nooooo, don’t say that! :sad: I found out I need it after I hooked up the DC and was ready to play… I searched my whole house and couldn’t find mine.

I’ll let you know when I get off work…


If you still need one just pm me and I’ll hook you up.