WTB: Dreamcast memory card (not vmu)


I need one of these. If you have one without the screen, pm me.


have you tried Video Game and Music Exchange on Shrock Rd?

Or Play It, Trade it on High St., next to the post office on Henderson Rd?


No, I try not to go to Exchange because the people there are annoying. But that’s not a bad idea.

Haven’t been to Play it Trade it, but I’ll check it out.


lol, who there is annoying? I worked there for a couple years, a couple years back. And MrBlasty worked at PITI for a while too. :wink:

Support indie game stores!!! :lovin:


I have a 4 in 1 card if you are interested in third party cards. Shoot me an offer. Prefer trades.


Not the employees, the customers. I am all for supporting indie stores, but I can do without being shoved while I’m browsing through a bin of used games. Place is just too small. Still though, I used to have a friend who lived across the street so we were in there a lot.

God do I love Fitzy’s though. I spent a lot of time there and the bar next door.


Sanji, I’m pretty much out of trade material now.

Is the 4-1 card the one with the switch on the side where you can select banks?


i have one memory stick for the dc without the lcd. pm thanks


I got 1
Pm me ur offer


The switch is on the top, and slightly to the right. Here’s a stock photo of what the card actually looks like.


As far as trades go, I’m open to just about anything, but if you have the cash, how does $15 Shipped sound to you?