WTB:Dreamcast MVC2(Must Have MVC2 Custom Colors)

Looking to buy a LEGIT (Working Condition) Marvel Vs Capcom 2 with custom colors and custom if it has custom BGM even better, if you have more than one copy would gladly buy you as much as you have. If you have other games for DC like: Third Strike, Power Stone 2, MVC: Clash Of Super Heroes, let me know.

Read the rules. No burned games on the trading outlet.

What do you mean by burned? He said legit.

A “legit” copy of the custom colors is still a burned game. There’s no “legit” custom colors.
He even mentions that he wants a burned copy. A legit burned copy, whatever that means… but yeah.

Sorry man. I must have read that wrong. I didn’t know that you could play burned discs on DC. Would have saved me $95 from buying MvC2 off eBay.

Yep… You don’t even need a mod chip. It’s the reason the DC failed. Too easy to pirate.

Really you would think if there was one place where someone can hook up for a dope copy of MVC2 with Custom Colors to HYPE it up it would be here well if anyone has one hit me up on the PM.

Why do custom colors hype it up?

It just does man don’t try to be a jerk off now, one of my friends had that years ago like 07 and everyone would rather play his version because it had custom colors and his own selection of songs to put in the BGM. It just added more HYPE to the game in my opinion and I want it for myself and could care less what you going to say about it.