WTB: Dreamcast official racing controller

I know this is gonna be a long shot but if anyone out there has an official DC racing controller they’re willing to part with, please email me with your price. Thanks.

I don’t reccomend it, it has a large dead zone which makes a few games trash(Daytona 2001). If you have a PS1 steering wheel, just get the total control plus adapter.

Steering wheel for racing games is like [arcade] stiks for fighters. Using a pad sucks in comparison.

I currently have one of these but the throttle for acceleration is malfunctioning (hence, I’m looking for a replacement). I realise the wheel isn’t very sensitive and has relatively large throw or ‘dead zone’ as you say. However, I very much like to overall design and feel. I also own the total control plus adapter you mentioned and was considering opting for a PSX/PS2 wheel. Do you highly recommend any particular ones (perhaps those made by Thrustmaster)? Thanks.

I used the Madcatz MC2(a DC version was made) this wheel has adjustable dead zone/turning radius, a gear stick as well as shoulder paddles and button programming and was my preferred wheel. I also had a joytech XT10 which also worked fine. Neither of these wheels had their force feedback supported by the total control plus adapter though. Both also only get the pedals/dpad/shoulder paddles/ + 4 face buttons converted.