WTB: Dreamcast pad, or PSX converter, OR green goblin, OR DC MAS

pad, i’ll pay $10 shipped or best deal…

converter, let me know what you have. As long as it works with an official PSX pad, i don’t care… not looking for anything in particular. looking for possibly a cheapo one for about $10 or so

green goblin, make me an offer and i need pics of it. Will go up to about $45+ shipping. if it’s modded with sanwa or seimitsu parts, i’ll go higher, but not looking to go above $80 really. if a button or something is broken, i’ll be willing to negotiate.


if you want more for the pad, let me know… i need either one or the other.

or a green goblin.

24 hr bump

so are you wanting an actual DC controller?

i got a green goblin but i’m not sure how much they go for.


they go for about $50, which is what i’m looking to pay, shipped…

i have two people offering me pads right now, one at $15 for a blue pad, and one at $10 for a standard pad… let me know about the green goblin asap, and i’ll figure out what i’m doing.

keep in mind, all offers are on hold until next friday because my paycheck today from one of my jobs was kinda lame. i’m waiting for my good job’s paycheck next friday now… i was expecting about $100 more in this paycheck, but i forgot i took two days off.

I can send you a Green goblin outfitted with sanawa parts and a semitsu stick for around $80

Comes with a botched lexan sheet with a couple very tiny cracks on the top. The stock metal sheet has a couple of scoffs as well, though nothing too bad.

This stick is outfittted with the red buttons currently.

overlay is literally a ripped out magazine page. Nothing too fancy =P

is that the same stick or two different sticks?

i like the red one more…

but i’ll let u know when i get my paycheck on friday (week from now)

i can get you a few dc pads.

they’d be the og white ones
I might be able to get a red one too.

and do 10 shipped for each.

Same stick.

i have 6 brand new dc agetecs! they are pricey though

let me know :bgrin:

golden… let me know a price on one…

i have brand new ones, used ones, and just shells with no pcb (shells are brand spankin new)

let me think of a decent price bro

used ones, i’m looking to go up to $50 shipped
broken ones, depending on what’s broken, about $35 shipped.

new ones? i’d rather just get a sanwa one at that point.

Your prices on the green goblin’s are like homie prices, good luck getting those, bro. And The sanwa parts would be over 30 alone, plus the labor put into installing them… if you get 80 for a modded GG with PCB and everything in remotely good condition you’ll be hella lucky.

Not trying to knock your hustle, but you should be more realistic about those prices. And that one you linked to is fifty bucks+48 shipped to the US because it’s based in hong kong…

I wasn’t looking for a modded one, i was looking for a regular one. he offered.

goldn, anything on that price?

and muffinman… i’m pretty sure i’ll take that fom you for 80… as long as that lexan thing isn’t on there… i just want the plain stick with no art… if it’s attached, then i don’t want it. it works for dreamcast, right? not modded for PS2 or something?

Sure thing. The lexan is just an extra piece I have sitting here, and it is currently outfitted without it. It works with Dreamcast and is attached to a hacked DC pad. Like I said, the only issue is there are a couple of little scoffs and scratches near the buttons.

Muffinman?! from arcadecontrols?

the stock pcb is no good?